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Current call for donations

Onset of winter in Ukraine

The humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine is taking on new dimensions due to the onset of winter. In addition to the recurring interruptions in the power supply, the Ukrainian health system is facing one of the most serious crises to date.Lt. WHOmore than 700 medical facilities in Ukraine were damaged, many of them completely destroyed. There is a lack of accommodation, technical supplies, medical equipment and emergency power generators.

As early as May, the Mayor of Regensburg, Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer, called for support for our relief efforts. Now,  at the turn of the year and the upcoming cold winter, all the more help is needed. With aOnline donation (via GoFundMe),transfer or a company donation you can through aindividual aid projectTargeted support: We will find individual assistance for you and a corresponding destination address. The Ukrainian clinics are currently grateful for any help!

Request an individual care package

We would be happy to give you an individual one in personCare Pakettogether - just write to us:

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